Q: Why do I need to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to access to the SoccerNet videos?

A: The videos of the games provided in SoccerNet contains copyright. The NDA is a contract between the users and the providers to prevent the re-distribution of copyright materials.

Q: Can I train my own model with the SoccerNet dataset?

A: Of course! We invite you to train models on the SoccerNet dataset, and if you end up publishing a paper, please cite our work!

Q: Is it fine to include screenshots/clips of the soccer videos in research papers/presentations?

A: Yes, as long as you are refering to the source of your data, you can include screenshots/clips of the videos in research papers/presentations.

Q: Can I use the data from SoccerNet for commercial purposes?

A: No. The SoccerNet dataset is meant for research purposes, it is not intended for commercial purposes. The videos of SoccerNet contains copyright that belongs to each European leagues, if you want to a create a business around soccer video understand, you will have to collect your own videos. The SoccerNet team cannot facilitate this process for you.

Q: Can I use the algorithms developed by the SoccerNet team for commerical purposes?

A: Each algorithm has its own licence, please visit the github repository and read the license to undersand the limitation of the usage for each algorithms.