Soccer Video Understanding Benchmark Suite

What is SoccerNet?

SoccerNet is a large-scale dataset for soccer video understanding. It has evolved over the years to include various tasks such as action spotting, camera calibration, player re-identification and tracking. It is composed of 550 complete broadcast soccer games and 12 single camera games taken from the major European leagues. SoccerNet is not only dataset, but also yearly challenges where the best teams compete at the international level. Join the SoccerNet community on Discord to discover how SoccerNet can further push your own research and industry.


SoccerNet at a glance

550 Broadcast Games

12 Single Camera Games

> 5M Feature Frames

> 300k Temporal Annotations

> 1M Spatial Annotations

6 Challenging Task

 Latest YouTube Videos

Be the Champion of Soccer AI: Join the SoccerNet 2023 Challenges Now!

Join the SoccerNet community and take part in the 2023 challenges in soccer video analysis. Be part of the research community pushing the boundaries of broadcast, field, and player understanding. With new tasks and challenges, including fine-grained action spotting, dense video captioning, and jersey number recognition, there's a challenge for everyone. With prizes for each challenge and a chance to be recognized at CVPR, start your journey now and help shape the future of soccer video analysis. Join our Discord community, follow us on social media, and be sure to leave a like and subscribe to our channel for updates. Let's get started!

Soccer Player Tracking, Re-ID, Camera Calibration and Action Spotting - SoccerNet Challenges 2022

In this video, we present our new SoccerNet Challenges for CVPR 2022! We introduce the three tasks of Calibration, Re-identification and Tracking on soccer games, in partnership with EVS Broadcast Equipment, SportRadar and Baidu Research. We also reiterate our previous Action Spotting and Replay Grounding Challenges at the ActivityNet workshop. Good luck fighting for the throne!